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gooner_graphics's Journal

The Place for Arsenal FC graphics
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General rules:

1. Please keep posts on topic! Personally, I don't care if you carry on a conversation in the comments of someone's post but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep the post ON TOPIC. Posts about how the club is doing, rants, news, other clubs, advertisement for other communities, random things, etc will be deleted. Yes we love Arsenal, why would we make graphics of them otherwise? This is a graphics community, so keep it to graphics.

2. Do NOT steal graphics! If you present someone else's work as your own it's stealing. A lot of time is put into graphics and it probably won't be appreciated if stolen (taken without credit). If you're caught doing these activities on this community you will be banned.

3. You must use the tags feature with every entry! This helps with organisation of things and it does help people find icons, friends only banners, wallpapers, and headers of their favourite players quickly.

4. Absolutely NO site/message board/community promos. Their is one exception to this rule and that is other AFC Livejournal communites. If you would like to advertise your personal icon journal/community, please do so when you post icons.

5. Repect other members and be nice. If you're going to offer criticism, make it constructive. Please remember that not everyone is at the same skill level when it comes to making icons. Also, be nice because if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it. Flames, trolling, etc over icons, players and anything else will NOT be tolerated.

6. No drama over icons. If you have beef with another member about something take it to email, your own journals, or email me for assistance. I'm always happy to help resovle things. If this kind of thing is smeared all over the community I will be forced to step in and ban people.

7. No hot/direct linking. Hot/direct linking is rude. It's bandwidth theft, which means means using the URL of an image on someone else's server or hosting account. Instead of saving the image to your own computer and then uploading it to your own hosting account (such as Photobucket, for example), you simply check the properties of the image and use the URL being used to display the image. If you do this then you will be banned.

8. Please do not make posts requesting graphics. This is a community for members to share the icons they have created. If you would like to request graphics please ask the poster about his/her request policy. Posts such as asking for things like, "Where can I find icons of Freddie?!1eleven!?!" will be deleted. Use the tags and memories.

For Icon/Graphic Makers:

1. Previews of images. If you have more than three icons please be kind enough to place these behind an lj-cut. Icons should meet standard LJ requirements - 100x100px or smaller, less than or equal to 40k. All images over 100x100 must be placed behind a lj-cut, which usually means friends only banners, wallpapers, headers. If you stretch out my friends page I will be angry.

2. Icon theft and what to do. Do not make posts in the community about icon theft. Please try to contact the person and politely ask them to give you credit. Please do not post in the community with "Zomg! This person stole my icons!". It really won't help anyone and I'll just delete the post.

4. Appropriate subject matter. If an icon contains harsh language or subject matter, please place it under an LJ cut. Racial/gender/sexuality slurs are not permitted. We reserve the right to delete your post if we find it inappropriate for the community.